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Timea Majorova

DESERT HEAT Timea Majorova Sends the Temperature Rising Story and Photography by Bill Dobbins - One of the problems with women's physique competition is that it tends to produce very few stars. It used to be that champions like Rachel McLish, Cory Everson, Sharon Bruneau, Lenda Murray and Anja Langer got lots of magazine coverage - and covers. Nowadays very few of the top figure and fitness women, let alone the female bodybuilders, get much attention in print. That means they have trouble promoting themselves to real star status. A major exception is Timea Majorova. Timea showed up at the Fitness Olympia one year and was immediately the center of attention - at least on the part of the fans, journalists and photographers. The judges didn't score her well because they felt she was - can we all say this together? - too muscular. Timea wasn't a gymnast and so wasn't able to win many pro fitness shows. By the time figure came along, she was so in demand as a model and spokesperson that she decided that competition was no longer necessary. Obviously, she's still motivated to promote her career. Drive out to the desert for a photo shoot and get up at 4:30 a.m. for makeup? No complaint. Heat, rough terrain, thorns in her foot? No problem. All she had to say was how glad she was to be out shooting in such a beautiful landscape. Timea is always thinking about her career. We stopped at a department store so I could buy some batteries. While I was standing in line, she found and bought four cute little outfits. The more good outfits, the more good photos. Rust never sleeps - and when it comes to promotion, neither, apparently, does Timea. IM